My dad's mom comes to visit every so often, and when she does, its always her cooking that brings us together. Since she was leaving on Saturday morning, I decided to take the kids to visit with her on Friday afternoon. It was a good time, afterward we met up with my dad so he could spoil my Tot with Dairy Queen. I love spending time with my family.

My grandma made pozole, a Mexican soup with hominy, shredded pork, and a red chili sauce. We eat it with lime and tostadas.


Look at all of that spicy goodness. MmmMmmm, It was so delicious! I still have some sitting in the fridge calling for me.
The night before, they had gone out, and picked up some tamales. I snuck into their fridge and inhaled them!


It had pork filling, potatoes, and I think olives. Sounds like an odd pairing, but it was very good. I'll have to tell my hubs where its at so we can start going there on Sunday mornings, when I'm too lazy to cook.

My dad's favorite pie is banana cream, which of course my Grandma spoiled him and made like 3 different kinds. I had 3 slices =X

I was really happy to see her, and my kids loved spending time with her. She's one in a million.♥ At the end of the visit, my tot happily said "Bye DOCTOR GRANDMA!". He assumed since she had glasses on, she was a doctor -.- My kids always have me laughing!

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