Flea Marketing I

Over the weekend they had a ton of fun stuff going around town. I didn't get to go to everything unfortunately... but what we *did* make it to was a blast! On Sunday, hubs surprised us with a trip to the flea market, and it was amazing! First, we stopped by their little snack cart.


Tot wanted popcorn, he was amazed at the huge popcorn popper haha. The lady was so impressed with him saying thank you, that she gave him his own little baggy for free. That was really sweet of her.

As I was ordering, I noticed on the menu that they had "Fried Apples". I asked the lady what that was, and she said they were "very good, they tasted like Cracker Barrel's.".

I had never had them before, so I ordered a cup. They were pretty good, but the cup was SO tiny lol. I almost asked her where the rest of it was? =X

Tot, of course, got his sugary fix :P He gets it from his mama! (I personally don't like fake sugary syrups, and tbh, I don't think he did either! He left the majority of it there.)

After the flea market, we took a tiny stroll through their flower garden. The roses were breath taking, I couldn't help but grab a quick picture. Gorgeous!

 I would've picked it haha, but I couldn't take something that didn't belong to me. =/
I'll have to wait for hubs to bring me some, or buy them myself ;)

Ky Expo Flea Market

Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40209

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