Missoni For Target

I ran to Target this morning to peek at the Missoni line. I found a few pieces I liked, but most of it was just too funky for me. I'm going to put this stuff up on eBay to see what goes!

The flats seemed really popular online. I'm not crazy about the pattern, but when I tried a pair on, it was super comfy & well lined.

I liked the weekender cases, but tbh I prefer the old pink vs line =x

I liked the hardware on the bags, & I love soft coral color on the handles. But.. Again, I didn't care for the patterns on the fabric.

The cosmetic cases were cute, but not really my style.

Overall, I think the hype is just in the name. *shrugs* It's cute, but not something I'd wake up & wait in line all morning for. I liked a silk scarf, but it was snagged. Typically a good quality silk doesn't snag easily... But I suppose it's a good deal for the brand name? I tried on a few shirts, but I wasn't crazy about the fit. I was hoping to find jewelry, at *least* a few simple pieces but nope, not a thing in store.

My favorite line at Target so far has to be St. Barth Calypso, & Luella! Bring those back!

Did you like the line?

♥Land Of La La♥

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