Fun weekend.

This past weekend I purchased my Tot (4yo son) tickets to Disney On Ice! I got them so my hubs could take him for some bonding time, but he ended up going with his "Grainpa" (my dad) instead. I'm so happy he had such a good time! He came home grinning ear to ear<3

While he went to Disney on ice, I got to enjoy a nice brunch & shopping with my mama. Usually, when we go out to eat, sushi is a given. Instead, we opted for dim sum (Cantonese brunch), and I can't believe how great the food was. We ordered...

Shaomai (pork steamed dumplings.)

Rice noodles with pork.

Chicken feet!

I'm not sure what this was. I believe it was a dumpling with spinach.

My favorite!!! Har Gao (Shrimp dumplings.

Not pictured:
Lo mai gai (sticky rice in a lotus leaf wrapper with meat fillings.)

And a stuff eggplant dish. Everything was delicious, I can't wait to go back!<3

After dim sum, we went to Cost Plus to do a little shopping!

I love everything about this store. The music, ambience, & the products always remind me of trinkets you can pick up while traveling. I grabbed this burgundy dish for only 6.99 for my bathroom sink.

Someone on twitter tweeted a while ago about "Hurricane" popcorn & I've wanted to try it ever since. They didn't have hurricane, but I found typhoon popcorn (sour cream & chives w/ seaweed) & guava flavored jam.

I also grabbed guava coconut waters, hazelnut treats, & strawberry wheels. I never leave this store without food. -.-

♥Land Of La La♥

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