I'm *really* obsessed when it comes to beauty products. I love fruity smelling lotions, toners, facial masks, & pretty much anything I can get my hands on to make me feel good.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with a skin condition called dermatitis, & that really limits what types of products I can use on my skin. Anything that's too harsh, or contains alcohol/fragrance, causes me to break out with these awful dry spots! It sucks because I get acne if I wear anything with oil, but if I try drying products (to heal my acne), they trigger the dry patches on my face! It's a horrible cycle, but thank God it's not often I have these outbreaks. Typically, it's when the season changes, or if I'm under a ridiculous amount of stress...

Trying to find products that work has been difficult, so I completely stopped buying chemical filled products, & switched to a few all natural alternatives. I hate using medications, so I'm trying my hardest to exhaust all options before I have to get a prescription filled. I have a handful of natural alternatives that have been working out rather well, but I'm saving those for another post. Today, I'm just blogging about 1 in specific.

In Mexico, they have all types of natural alternatives for both beauty & medicinal purposes. Some sound silly, others just plain weird (haha), but this one sparked my curiosity. It's called Tepezcohuite. There's a special tree in Mexico, & the bark from the tree is said to be so powerful, it helps heal several medical problems such as severe burns, cuts, scrapes, & pretty much any issue with the skin.

You can find the Tepezcohuite bark finely ground to mix into your daily facial wash, or anything you wish to mix it with. You can also find it in soaps, creams, & medical pomades.

I purchased the powder, pomade, & a soap.

This is the pomade. It came sealed & with a special "sticker" to show it's legitimate & untampered with.

The top.

The pomade is a bit of a turn off. It has a mellow, but still strong scent. The scent reminded me of car oil or rubber tires. It's not super strong, but I could see it bothering me. The pomade is greasy, and is tinted a translucent black/brown color. It's made of wheat germ oil, rose oil, & Tepezcohuite oil.

This is a Tepezcohuite soap with honey & oatmeal.

This is what it looks like out of the package, it has the scent of tomato soap purchased from Mexican groceries.

This is the pure bark powder. It's not as finely ground as I would've preferred, but its not very scented which is good.

I put the pomade on my face, but I felt it was too greasy, & probably best used for actual cuts and scrapes.

I tested the powder by mixing it with raw honey to use as a mask while I showered, then I mixed it with my coconut oil as a thin mask as I slept. This morning I just simply wiped it off, & I noticed the dry spots & acne were 50% gone. I'm going to do the same thing for the next three days to see if there is anymore improvement. I'm not crazy about the texture, but if it works I'll definitely be buying more! I've heard of people boiling it and using the liquid topically. I think I might boil it with water, & mix it my wash instead of just the powder. Somehow that seems like it would extract whatever is in it to make it more potent. I'll blog about it some more later as I see more improvement!

(FYI: This review was written out of the blue just because I wanted to see how it worked. I was not writing it as a review for the company, nor have I been compensated in any way. You can find my disclosure policy here!)

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