Bourbon Beauty: SkynLounge Part 2 : ZenSkyn Makeup Line

Last week, I wrote about my *amazing* experience at SkynLounge. While I was there, I was introduced to their ZenSkyn Makeup line. I figured it was best to write my experience in a separate post so it wasn't so overwhelming!

I was invited by Skyn Lounge, to come and try out a few of their spa services (here in my previous post). After I was done with my facial and LED light therapy, I was treated to a complimentary makeup application (From what I understood, complimentary makeup applications are offered with all facials). I thought it was great that they offer makeup applications. I personally hate going out without makeup, and that's a huge perk for me. How convenient that I can walk in for a facial, get made up, and walk out to my next meeting. Perfect for someone on the go, and pressed for time!

Since I have very sensitive skin, I tend to be more aware of the ingredients in my makeup. Unfortunately for me, some products can be very irritating on my skin. While this is isn't a full review, I was impressed with the line, and thought it may be of interest to those looking for healthier makeup options.

I was sat down by Katie, who was more than happy to walk me through what products they have available. (I loved how informed she was about every product.)


She asked me what I normally applied, and proceeded to place primer, foundation, eyebrow powder, highlighter/bronzer, eyeliner, and a lip gloss.

I tend to have dry/dehydrated skin, so I usually opt for liquid foundations. "Dewy" products always sit better on my skin, and the Tinted Primer I used that day was fantastic! 3 different people complimented me on my skin.

Per their website: 

"Zen SKYN® Color Collection Tinted Primer SPF 20 is a light primer that evens tone and warms your complexion with a subtle radiance while minimizing the appearance of pores and protecting your skin against both UVA and UVB raysIdeal for daily use and post-clinical care skin treatment."

| ZenSkyn Tinted Primer $38 |

Another product that I felt really gave me a glow, was their bronzer duo:

| Mineral Blush Contour $37 |

The product was long lasting, and looked great on my skin! Per their website:

"Zen SKYN®  Mineral Blush/Contour Duo is the perfect duo for a luxurious, satin finish contour. Highlight your cheekbones with a beautiful rose-toned blush, and finish with the contouring power of the bronze power along the jaw line, nose, forehead, and cheeks."

| ZenSkyn Luxury Gloss $24 |

Last, but not least, I really liked the gloss they used. It had a really pretty color & sheen, and it didn't feel sticky like some glosses tend to do.

Per their website:

"ZenSKYN® Luxury Gloss uses a unique blend of oils to help condition and hydrate the lips to prevent lines and wrinkles from appearing.  This lightweight formula provides shine and long lasting hydration while also remaining hypoallergenic and paraben-free.  Our revolutionary gloss incorporates aloe, silica, Argan oil, Castor Seed oil, and Soybean oil for ultimate health and hydration."

I loved all of the products they used! I am a huge supporter of buying local, and I think these would make great gifts for the holidays. Right now they currently have a summer promotion of 50% off select products, using code SUMMER50 (per their site).

For more information about ZenSkyn Products, check out their website!

Thank you to SkynLounge for inviting me to try out your products.

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