Verbana Cafe: First Day of School

When my youngest started his first day of school, admittedly I was very sad. I was happy, of course, that he'll be able to socialize (He's been crying to go to school since he could speak). Deep down, selfishly, I wanted to keep him home with me. It's all been very bitter sweet!

My mom and Aunt came to visit me to cheer me up, we met up with my very close friend and went to Verbana Cafe to eat some breakfast. (I had such good company, it really didn't hit me until the next day how quiet my day is without him<3)

The food was delicious, I ordered the ham and spinach skillet (first food picture above), my friend ordered the beautiful waffles, and my mom ordered these cheese Blintzes. No one had any complaints about the food. As usual it was very delicious!

My favorite tea is their Jasmine Green Tea. Oh how I love this stuff!

Afterwards, we visited the Tea Station and grabbed some tea before we did some shopping at the Summit. It ended up being a great day, and I couldn't have asked for better company. So many of my friends and family texted me to see how I was doing. I am very touched and forever grateful to everyone who asked, I couldn't have asked for better loved ones!

Verbana Cafe
10639 Meeting Street
Prospect, Ky.

Tea Station
9422 Norton Commons BLVD
Prospect, Ky.

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