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 {Salmon nigiri tray from Whole Foods}

Random Post: I'm more active on Instagram than I am here on my blog. It's easier to just shoot and post in real life time :-) This is an instant boba milk tea I purchased at a local Asian Mart! It was good, I prefer making it with milk over water as the instructions say.


This is was the first time I tried Trader Joe's coconut water, and oh my gosh it tasted as though I put a straw into a fresh coconut. SO delicious.


Shrimp Tempura Roll from Whole Foods in Louisville. My favorite supermarket Sushi Roll.


I tried out the Rosy Cheeks by Lush! Brand new, but as beautiful as it smells, my number one face mask is still Catastrophe Cosmetic. I just can't let it go.

Are you on Instagram? I have yet to get on Snap Chat...

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