Joes OK Bayou: Louisville, Ky.


This last week of January, we went out to celebrate my Dad's Birthday. The last few times we've gotten together (they live about 2 hours from Louisville), we've typically gone to Joe's OK Bayou. It's a really nice treat when we get to see everyone :-) My kids go crazy happy whenever we hang out with them.

Here's their soft shell Crab, (its a deep fried molted crab, the outside of the crab is soft, so you eat the entire thing.) these are one of my favorite dishes here. I've eaten soft shell crab at some Japanese places in Louisville, but I've never seen them served whole.

Here are their frog legs. I personally, am not a huge fan of frog legs lol. They have a fishy taste and an odd texture to them in my opinion. But I know people who LOVE frog legs, so I can't really share my thoughts on whether or not these were any good.

 Their Craw fish are really good! They are a bit on the spicy side, but if you don't like much heat, I just peeled and ate them without really tasting the shell. As long as the shell didn't touch my mouth I was good.

 I believe these are the oysters, (I don't remember if these were the oysters or alligator meat.) which were hands down my favorite dish here. My son LOVED the alligator meat, I thought it was pretty good too.

I believe this was their peanut butter pie? It was my brother's order, so I don't know how this turned out. But anything drenched in chocolate gets my vote :P

The only foods I didn't really care for, were the gumbo or etoufee. I typically do love gumbo, I just didn't like the flavor or texture of it here. It was just too thick for my taste.

If you're in the mood for some Cajun food, my favorite dishes were:
  • Fried oysters (#1 favorite here, I prefer them over other restaurants that serve them in Louisville.)
  • Soft Shell Crab
  • Fried alligator
  • Crawfish

Have you tried Joes OK Bayou?

Joes OK Bayou
9874 Linn Station Rd
Louisville, Ky. 

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