Bourbon Beauty: Tony Moly Peach Lotion and Lip Balm Review

Ever since I found my first online blog (which happened to be an Asian girl who wrote about her life, sadly I don't remember the name.), I've become obsessed with Asian beauty products. Everything about her beautiful skin and pretty packaged items (unlike any adult beauty products I've found here in the U.S) kept me wanting more! 

Over the years, I have found different sites that offered bits and pieces of Asian makeup, but I was thrilled when I found one (actually based here in the U.S) that sells all kinds of Asian different beauty products. They sell skin care, make up, fragrances, and everything is super Kawaii & chic. I finally decided to purchase some stuff on my own (I was not sponsored by this post.), and I'm excited to test these things out! Their first thing I tried, was this Peach Scented Lotion & lip balm by Tony Moly. 

I LOVE the packaging! Looks like a big peach (literally almost the size of one, its pretty large.), and the smell is amazing. I really liked that it had a safety seal, and a cover separating the top of it.

The lotion itself is very creamy, and not heavy at all. The scent lasted for quite a while (it truly smells like an actual peach!), and left my hands very smooth. According to the Pretty & Cute site:

The Benefits include:

Here is the mini lip balm that I purchased. True to the peach scent, it smells like a real peach. It has no color to it, and has a satin finish (it was not tacky at all, and felt that it absorbed very well onto my lips.). It had no flavor, aside from the perfume scent to it. I actual prefer lip balms to have more of a perfume flavor, kind of like the other recently popular rose scented lip salves that are seen everywhere.

For me, the biggest pro is the packaging lol. I love the products inside, but I really do love the aesthetics to it. Its very different from anything I've seen offered in stores in the U.S (at least a cosmetic that actually works well, and isn't catered to little girls.), and looks really pretty on my vanity<3

Have you guys tried any Asian Products before? I can't wait to share the rest of my find.

You can check out their stuff here, at

After ordering and seeing how much I loved these products, I decided to become an affiliate with pretty and Although I am now an affiliate, I purchased these products with my own money. As always, I promise that my reviews and content are 100% my own opinions, and any affiliations with this company will not compromise my own opinions.

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