Whole Foods Sushi & Prepared Food to go.


Just writing this is making me hungry! A few weeks ago I stopped by Whole Foods on Shelbyville, Rd., and as usual their sushi never fails. Their salmon is always fresh and soft (there's only one other restaurant here in town that serves their salmon nigiri as delicious as Whole Foods, but since Whole Foods is the closer option, that's where I tend to go.).


Aside from their Salmon nigiri, their spicy Shrimp Tempura rolls are awesome. I've tried to make their spicy sauce at home, but its always a fail! I wonder what they put in it, I didn't see anything different in their ingredient list...

They also had a sale in their seafood section for "to-go" foods. They had Lox bagels (and others) for 2 for $5 (which is a total steal! You didn't need to purchase both to get the deal.). They also had these delicious smoked sweet salmon (jerky type food???) for about $7 a package. I didn't feel like purchasing  more food than I needed, but that dish is amazing. I wish I would've taken photos, I will the next time I go. As much as I love fast food, (Fries anyone?) I do like knowing that I can stop in a grab something quick to go. My only complaint, is that I wish Whole Foods served more than just Tuna & Salmon in their sushi. 

What are your favorite to go foods?

Whole Foods
4944 Shelbyville rd
Louisville, Ky 40207
 (502) 899-5545 

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