Forever 21 Boots

For the past two winter & fall seasons, I wore my favorite pair of quilted forever 21 boots. Unfortunately, the heel broke, so I had to go hunting for some new ones. Considering that I only paid 24.99 for them, I thought that was a pretty good deal! I was so bummed out that they broke (more so because I really loved them), but seeing as they lasted that long, I figured I'd start at Forever21 again.


These are the exact pair I purchased. They are available in black and chestnut, I personally love the chestnut color. They're easy to slide on (they have the little grips on top.), and look great with skinny jeans.


They have a pretty good selection of boots available now, I found a pair of faux suede ones that looked cute. (If I wasn't worried about scuffing that fabric up, I probably would've purchased these as well.)

Hopefully these last as long (if not longer) than my old pair. But for $30 (and wearing these quite frequently), I think its a pretty good bargain.

What style are you wearing this season?

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