Vintage Mexican Leather Bag {Etsy Purchase}

Its been a while since I've bought something on Etsy. I purchased this beautiful necklace a long time ago;

Its a pink chalcedony stone necklace. I remembered when I purchased it, I LOVED the color. I was a little disappointed with the size, as it was a bit smaller than I thought. When I re-read the listing, I realized it was my fault for not reading the size she wrote. Now I make a point to read ALL of the listing, and making notes of measurements before I buy anything on any site. Pretty necklace nonetheless :-)

I purchased that necklace in 2009, and hadn't made an Etsy purchase since. Not because it was a bad experience, I guess I just hadn't made the time.


While looking through old (very meaningful) pieces that I had been given from my late grandfather, I came across a little leather personalized pouch he purchased from Mexico. In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (where my Dad's side of the family is from), they have tons of merchants selling handmade artisan goods on the streets. It was like a tradition, every time my Grandparent's visited Mexico, they'd come home with trinkets for all of the grand babies. We were gifted threaded pens, candies, necklaces, rings, and all sorts of interesting goodies. While looking at my leather pouch, I remembered all of the old leather bags we probably gave to goodwill with my name engraved on it :( (I guess its the hoarder in me that wants to hold on to everything lol.)

I took to Google, Ebay & Etsy to find leather goods from Mexico, when I came across listings for tooled handbags. I favorited TONS of bags, and had to have one! So I purchased this vintage one (I believe from the 70's), and I'm so happy how great the condition is. I need to learn how to care for leather products, but this bag is flawless. I can't wait to use it with my cream colored crochet dress. 


The detailing in this bag amazes me. I love the roses, and how age has darkened the material.


The inside of the bag has no marks, its clean as a whistle. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.<3

Have you ever bought anything on Etsy? 


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