Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer {Review}


While I was grocery shopping at Walmart, my cousin asked to visit to the make-up aisle. She forgot her make-up bag at home, so she needed to pick up some basics (Fyi, she's so gorgeous she doesn't need a drop of it. That's like the FIRST thing I'd pack! I'd probably have people running from me in the streets if they saw me without my mask haha..).


One of my favorite drugstore brands at Walmart is Hard Candy. I was excited when I had heard they were launching their products there, (easy to access since I'm there weekly for groceries) so its pretty much my monthly routine to see what new items they have available.


Here is a picture of my forearm un-retouched. I had just gotten done swatching some foundations, so its a little red.


This is the color correcting primer, its like a shade of clay green. It feels very "fluffy" and has a thick whipped texture.


I've used it several times, and its always went on very smoothly. Its weird, because when I applied it this time (in a rush), I felt as though the cream pilled a bit. I've never had this issue before, but it was the first time I placed it on quickly and not taking my time.  If you take a look at my before picture, you can see it did in fact "color correct" as the red color splotchy color smoothed out quite a bit.


This is how my skin looked, after I applied MAC Face and Body foundation. The color is smooth & dewy. I really do like this primer, its kept my makeup in place & has worked to remove redness on my face caused by my Atopic-Dermatitis. I would repurchase this again! I'm thinking of buy more of the other ones they have available.

Have you used Hard Candy before? What's your favorite Primer?

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