Neutrogena Skin Primer Review


I've been on the market for a new primer for a while. Unfortunately, since I have very sensitive skin, I've had a hard time finding one that doesn't give me dry spots. I really *really* loved Smashbox Photo Ready primer, but my skin did not react well to it.


This primer is creamy, very much unlike my usual gel go to's. The gel ones that I've tried in the past, have almost like a "silky" feeling, while this one felt like a very light lotion. It smelled like sunscreen (which I didn't mind. I do wish however that companies would stop adding sunscreen to everything. I'd rather layer it in myself if I felt it necessary.).

I looked up reviews on popular review sites, and a few mentioned that it had chunks of glitter in it? It did look a little shimmery, but nothing over exaggerated. If anything, I love shimmer, but after putting my Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation (my favorite drugstore foundation, I've never had any bad reactions to it!), I didn't even notice any shimmer. The primer itself, worked very well as far as setting my make up. I did notice a difference with how my makeup sat on my face. Unfortunately, it did flare up my atopic dermatitis.

  • Set my makeup well.
  • Makeup did not rub off.
  • Nice scent.
  • It has sunscreen (my personal preference.)
  • It flared up my dermatitis.

In it's defense, it may not have been the primer itself, but the added sunscreen that caused my reaction to it. As a primer itself, it worked very well.

Have you tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin line?

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  1. Oh, no. Sorry you had the flare up! Primers tend to break me out with acne, I'm too scared to try.