Local Louisville Etsy finds!

If you love anything handmade or vintage, chances are you've probably checked out, or have at least heard of Etsy. If you aren't familiar with it, its this amazing website full of unique vintage and handmade goods. I would describe it as an online flea market. You really never know what you're going to find! I decided to see what local Louisville sellers were up to, and found a ton of adorable goodies!


This pillow reminds me of the modern type decor that I've seen all over Pinterest. I am in *love* with this coral color. This pillow cover is sold at "Sweet Magnolia Interiors". I saw some cute pillow covers, curtains, and table runners for sale.


Whenever I see this mustard yellow color, I imagine the 60's when women walked around in their soda fountain dresses. This wash bowl and pitcher are available at "Bourbon Ball Vintage". They sell a lot of vintage housewares.


Everyone knows the Louisville iconic symbol is the "Fleur De lis". I had to do some reading to find out why, and according to Wikipedia, "The Fleur De lis was a symbol for King Louis XVI of France, which is the namesake of Louisville." I'm sure there's probably more to the story (Maybe someone who knows can help me out?). Regardless of why it came to be, I love the symbol. I wanted to find a neat poster to hang in my apartment to represent Louisville, but I wouldn't mind having these gorgeous cream colored soaps on my vanity. Whenever I see raised hobnails (is that the correct description?) on soaps or decor, I always think it looks very sophisticated and regal. These handmade soaps are available at "Cardinal Hill Soap". They carry a variety of cute soaps (I have my eye on that luffa and massage soap!), Maybe a cute adult Easter basket idea?


I ADORE this wreath. It happened to be one of the first listings that caught my attention as soon as I searched Louisville Etsians. I love the simple colors (I feel like earth tones are easier to decorate with.), yet the flowers adorn it beautifully. This is available at "Chic Wreath".


I know its warming up, but I think this would still work out on a cool spring day. This Etsy shop has tons of crocheted goodies available. She has thinner spring scarves perfect for the warmer weather. I've seen some fashion blogs featuring bright bold scarves on a white top, and I wouldn't mind attempting the trend! Too cute. This Scarf is available at "Twisted Cotton Crochet".

So have you purchased anything on Etsy? Have you found any particular local sellers worth checking out? Let me know, and I may feature him/her as a local find.


  1. What a great idea, I need to do this ASAP. Everything is so cute!!

    1. Thanks! It's fun to showcase and support local vendors :-)

  2. This type of support is vital for local vendors of handcrafted goods. So honored to have been featured in your blog! Thank you!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!<3 You really do have beautiful products!

  3. Thank you for featuring my infinity scarf!