Valentines DIY

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, probably because that's the only time I get an excuse to decorate anything pink with my boys haha. I made Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes, along with their pink valentine's frosting. That is my absolute FAVORITE flavored boxed cupcakes. My tip for making them taste homemade? I always cook baked goods from the box with whole milk instead of water.
 Pinterest always has a plethora of ideas for Valentine's! You can check out my board here. These were simple to do, I just used a cookie cutter to shape the hearts, and placed them on Ritz crackers.

I got the idea for a cheese ball from a room mom in my son's class. Its funny, I had *never* tasted a cheese-ball before making one last Christmas. I eat so many weird foods, yet I've never tasted a cheese-ball before. Go figure! This is the recipe I used, per her recommendation last time. I was so happy we got to celebrate with my son's class party.<3 We had a blast.

Did you guys do anything special for Valentine's?


  1. This all looks so good! I too haven't eat many common American foods..

  2. Me either! I've never made green beans before. GREEN BEANS! Something so simple lol