Pilates for Beginners by Kristin McGee Review


For a while now, I've been *really* trying to get myself into shape for the summer. This is the first routine I've really consistently stuck to, and I'm very impressed with the results! In 3 weeks (along with the paleo diet) I've lost more then 3 inches off of my waist, and have lost close to 10 lbs. I know that probably doesn't sound like a huge amount of weight, but considering how easy her work out routine is, I was pleasantly surprised! You have a choice of 4 workouts to choose from (2-10 minute routines, and 2-20 minute routines), and you can mix and match between the 4. All together its a 60 minute video, and as simple as the exercises seemed, you definitely feel the burn! This was my first time doing true pilates, and I'm excited to see what other workouts she has available.

What's your favorite workout routine? Have you tried pilates before?


  1. I need to get back into Pilates and get this DVD ASAP. Your results are great, congrats!!

    1. Thank you! Yes! I really recommend this one. Especially if you're new to it.