Calvin Klein Scarf TJ Maxx Find!


My mom gave me this for Christmas (She didn't get to gift it to me until recently, we hadn't seen each other in a while.) I loved the detail in the scarf, I'm obsessed with rose gold anything!  It's so thick and warm.


Seeing as it doesn't seem to be warming up anytime soon, hopefully I'll get an opportunity to wear it.

If I get a chance to make it to Chicago soon, I know I'll need it. The weather has been crazy cold there. Tjmaxx always has everything<33 What a cute find! Thanks Mumsy.

Have you been to Tjmaxx lately?


  1. Holy gorgeous. I absolutely love TJ Maxxx, but I haven't been in forever. Goodt lordt.

    1. Thanks! I haven't been there in forever either. I really do need to make a trip soon.