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I am the *biggest* lippie hoarder lover that has ever existed. From the moment I could convince my strict (hispanic) parents to let me wear lip gloss, Lip Smackers didn't have a chance. I would put so much gloss on, my mom would say "I'm surprised your lips aren't sliding right off!". They weren't fans. Fast forward 20 years, I'm still a huge lippie fanatic! I literally have to stop myself from adding another lip balm to my grocery cart whenever I'm at any store.

A friend of mine asked me if she could send me over some products for review, and hello LIP GLOSS, I was all over that in a second. Per their site:

Experience your softest, plumpest pout ever with LipBalm360’s Diamond Illumination Technology and moisture enhancing nutrients.
This silky balm conditions, protects, and plumps lips while giving them a naturally glossy glow.
Diamond powder lightly exfoliates the lip surface, while Marula and Avocado Oils hydrate and soften. LipBalm360 is even infused with Virgin Cocoa Butter and a touch of vanilla and sugar, so your lips will taste as good as they look.

I thought it was a neat concept that it came with an exfoliating file, I'd never seen that before. When I first tried it, I couldn't believe how smooth my lips felt. It was much more easier than using a gunky exfoliating cream, and less time consuming because I didn't have to wash my lip off or hands after use.

Two-sided Diva File eliminates dry, rough skin and prepares lips for hydrating extracts and oils.
Diva File helps improve circulation.
All-natural balm hydrates and soothes irritated lips.
Natural flush of color for a perfect pout.
No artificial ingredients.


Since I love nude lippies (I'm not much of a big color person!), she sent me the color "Nude Diamond". I'll be honest, it isn't exactly what I picture my nude to be, but I ended up loving the color. I think its perfect for fall!

(Sorry I was cold! Goosebumps lol).
Diamond powder gently exfoliates to help lips absorb hydration better.
Marula and Avocado Oils are rich in fatty acids, hydrate, soothe, and prevent moisture loss, while Sweet Almond and Vanilla Extracts condition skin.
Cocoa Seed Butter has antioxidant properties.
Copernicia Cerifera, a natural plant wax, provides a creamy consistency, making application smooth and effortless.


Since I suffer from Atopic Dermatitis, I wanted to give this product a good amount of time before I gave my final thoughts on it (products can take a while to show irritation on my sensitive skin!).

 The gloss was very shiny (loved the sheen), and the color makes me want to explore others! I was surprised when I removed it, how soft and supple my lips felt. (Most thicker glosses do not leave your lips feeling good after removal.). It definitely is not long wear, but if you don't mind re-applying (I don't own glosses that don't require reapplication since I don't wear matte) then this one is worth checking out! I love that this is all natural ingredients, and it wasn't irritating on my skin. It was sweet smelling and tasting :-)

Have you tried Natural Glam 360 before?
I took a look at her Instagram, and was impressed with the mascara before and afters!

Here is a link to her Instagram.
Here is the link to her Web Page for purchase.

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