Bourbon Beauty: Louisville Salt Cave

I'm always looking for new holistic practices to try out. I was feeling a bit under the weather, and I read that salt caves were a great way to boost immunity. I wasn't sure what to expect, when I read about (Halo Therapy) Salt Caves I pictured an underground cave with salt crystals everywhere.

I'll be honest, when I realized it was located in a strip mall, I was a little confused. This was not at all what I expected when I read "cave". I entered the location not sure what I was going to find! (Clearly I didn't do enough research before going lol.)


Inside, I was greeted by the owner (Very very sweet lady, thoroughly explained to me the process, and what products they offered.) and I browsed around a bit before my session (because shopping...). 

The process to sign up is very simple. You can log onto their website and easily secure your spot/ appointment (and you can see how many other people will be in the cave as well). They also host other wellness classes (one with children I'll blog about later), as well as shorter appointments meant to made during lunch breaks.

 I chose to do a walk in. You have to be there at least 10 minutes before the slot starts. They give you clean socks to wear inside if you don't have any, (shoes are *not* allowed). You place your shoes and belongings in open cubbies (if you'd rather not do that, I suggest to leave belongings, purse, etc. in your car). 

The cave itself is very cool, so its suggested you dress warm (I used capris leggings and a t-shirt), I brought my own small blanket and was very comfortable. They do have blankets on top of the chairs for you to use, but since I'm a crazy person germa-phobe I chose to use my own.

This is what the cave looks like, you open the door and its basically a room with a ton of salt on the floor (feels like you're stepping onto sand), and salt forms along the walls. They have six zero gravity chairs you sit on, and recline if you choose to.

Once your session starts, they close the door, and the ambiance is very calming. They have pretty strung lights hung on the ceiling, and the Himalayan forms are *glowing* throughout the cave. You hear a machine softly crunching salt as its blown into the air. As you take deep breaths, you can literally taste the salt in your mouth and on your lips. I swear I could feel the particles every time I breathed in. I took advantage of the time I had, and took very deep breaths

Once the session was done, I heard a chime, and the door opened. She nicely said to take my time coming out.

I purchased a bag of Himalayan rocks, the owner said some people soaked them in a bit of water over night, and add spoonfuls of the salt water into normal drinking water. I also purchased the rock ball which you can roll under your feet for healing purposes. (As always, this is a post just recording my own personal experiences. I'm not a Dr., so do your own research before trying these out lol.). I'll test them out and blog how they worked out for me.

Final Thoughts:

I loved the experience! I found it to be very calming, and soothing. The next day, I could still taste salt in my mouth, and my pain was pretty much gone with just one session. 

Salt Caves are supposed to be great for healing respiratory issues, skin issues (such as eczema/psoriasis), easing aches and pains, the list really goes on and on. 

I would definitely go again, and intend to visit soon. I enjoyed it so much so, that I invited my sister in law and niece to join my kids and I for another session. I even have plans with another mom to bring her little girl to join us too! Lots of future plans :-)

Thank you so much to the Louisville Salt Cave for taking the time to answer my questions. Great hospitality! :-) 

If you were interested in trying out a Salt Cave, I hope this helped with a little insight!

Have you been to a Salt Cave?

Louisville Salt Cave
9800 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40223

Here's their website for more info!

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