Bourbon Beauty: Dragon Fruit Snack Recipe

I'm a foodie in every shape, color, meaning of the word. I love trying new things, and I'm intrigued by new foods! Fruit is no exception, and when I saw pictures of Melissa's Dragon Fruit (Also known as Pitaya) I knew I wanted to try it! (I'd really love to know who was the first human being to see this growing on a tree and think "Wow, that looks tasty!" The bright colors would deter me lol. Thank you to whoever discovered it hahaha.) I ran to Krogers, and grabbed a few pieces of the fruit along with my groceries.

When I first tasted Dragon Fruit, it reminded me somewhat of Jicama. Don't get me wrong, it tastes nothing like Jicama (I know lol, bare with me), and while its no where near as firm in texture, it has a rather bland and mellow flavor like Jicama. Its one of those fruits/veggies that are so bland that they taste wonderful dressed sweet or savory. When I ate the fruit, I thought, why not try and dress it up like the Mexican Street "Fruitas en Vaso" that we occasionally have at home. 


After I cleaned the fruit, I cut it in half, and scored the fruit in both directions (Vertically & horizontally) with a knife. I cut into the flesh, taking care not to penetrate the skin.


Once I scored the flesh, I scooped out the cubes with a spoon into a small bowl.

(Tajin & Chamoy Seasoning I used to dress it)


Once it was scooped out, I seasoned it with 2 TBSP of Chamoy Sauce (its a tangy sauce used for dressing fruits and veggies), and a few shakes of Tajin Powder according to taste. I mixed it all well (taking care not to smash the cubes of Dragon Fruit), and placed it into the skin of the fruit I saved.

I added more Tajin to the plate for garnish and dipping. I loved how it tasted, and can't wait to snack on some again. 

What's the craziest fruit you've ever tasted? 

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