Bourbon Beauty: Misters For MS Charity Auction 2018

I attended the Misters for MS Charity auction last year, and could't wait to go again this year. I personally didn't know much about MS until I was invited to the previous event, but that is exactly why its important that groups like this exist! Not only to help spread awareness, but to also help those in need. When we know better, I deeply believe we *do* better.

The event this year was hosted at The Gramercy, downtown Louisville, Ky. The building and event space is beautiful! Walking in, you feel like you're stepping into a scene of Beauty and the Beast, when Belle is dancing with her new prince (lol, I couldn't think of anything more elegant and grand that I could compare it to!). The high ceilings, the beautiful grand chandeliers, it was a gorgeous venue!

The event itself was beautifully decorated, the food was tasty, and the auction (they had a silent auction, followed by a "bachelor" live auction- Auctioning a mix of products and event tickets) was so fun! it really is a great ~must attend~ event, especially considering that it helps support such a wonderful cause. This made for a perfect girls night out!


There was so much attention to detail, I could tell that the women that put it together really put their hearts into this event. It amazes me when I see such a great group of women come together to help others in need! Congratulations on such a successful night, I hope this event helped your cause in every way possible.

For more information on Misters For MS, please check out their Facebook Page:

Misters For MS

What are your favorite Charity Events?

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