Bourbon Beauty: Louisville Classroom in Need.

This. This. This. 

I was made aware of a special classroom, here in Louisville, that could use your help. I always try my hardest to support our teachers, in any way that I can. The time, and dedication, that all faculty/staff give to our kiddos, goes above and beyond what a normal job should entail. If you can read this, thank a Teacher!  

Special Education classrooms, in general, always tend to need a little bit of an extra boost. They typically contain children with an array of disabilities, and because of that, different learning techniques and tools are required to help these little ones succeed in class. Unfortunately, since schools are so underfunded, our special ed classes receive much less than what they need to help their kids. Thankfully, due to the internet and the awesome people that set up donor sites, we are able to spread the word out and offer opportunities to help!

This classroom in particular, contains students that have different levels of communication abilities, and would excel with the help of a tablet to help them communicate, and explore a world they otherwise may not be able to. (Just imagine the difference it makes, having the internet on your phone, all of the things you can look up, and how much easier it is to explore! Add in the educational/communication apps for a child who needs the extra help, and you basically have this amazing new world at your fingertips!). 

With your help, the possibilities could be endless (and truly life changing) to give these kids extra tools to help them be successful in their learning (and hopefully equally successful when they age out of school.). 

If you have the time, I ask that you please check out their page, and donate &/or spread the word, so that these kids can have tablets to help reach their own goals. My boys have their own Ipads at home, and it makes a world of a difference! I know the children in this class could really benefit from the use of their own tablet in class.

Here is the link for more info on the class, and how to donate! It's also worth noting; this donor site has a cap at how much they can ask for. They have 10 students in the class, so although they ask for only 1 ipad, 9 more are still needed. Thank you so much for your generosity!

The link has, and will continue to remain on my side bar until the donations have been filled.

Editor's Note: It is absolutely amazing to see how much love and attention my own children have received at their school. Their principal/vice principal, ALL of their teachers, aides, speech therapists, counselors, office personnel, front desk & school staff (I won't name them to protect their privacy), I couldn't thank them enough for all of the happiness and joy they've brought into our lives. Nothing in this world feels better than knowing your kids are in a safe place, with people that truly care! I have yet to meet a single person at their school that hasn't presented something positive to my children. From the second we get onto school property, we are greeted with warm smiles and this amazing energy of caring adults. I couldn't rave enough about my kid's school. I would never in a million years be able to repay them for everything they've done, especially for my special needs son. My son's success in school, and in his future, is due (and will be due) to the overwhelming help, love, and compassion that everyone at his school has blessed him with. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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