Whole Foods Louisville


Early morning, I decided to go to Whole Foods for some snacks. My favorite food is their sushi & this Harmless Harvest coconut water. I have never heard of Banana Bread beer, so I thought hey, why not?


The Quiche was delicious!  Very cheesy and tasty.

The sushi is always great (probably 98.9999% of the reason why I even step foot in Whole Foods, super quick and fresh sushi).


While waiting for the kiddos to get out of school, I usually read or play a game (not really much to do just sitting in my car). Harmless Harvest coconut water is PHENOMENAL. Oh my goodness, this stuff is delicious! I grab the pink colored juice if I can find it, I swear its the sweetest, tastiest, coconut water I have ever tasted. Absolutely worth every penny.

I still have yet to try the beers, I'll probably try them out one of my next sushi runs!

What are your favorite treats from Whole Foods? I really enjoy seeing other people's posts on treats and snacks, gives me an idea of what to try.

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