Bourbon Beauty: Hard Candy Oopsy-Proof Eye Liner Eraser: Review

I've always quite enjoyed the Hard Candy brand. As a little girl, I remember their nail polishes were one of my very first cosmetic purchases. (I purchased it when I was at the store with my aunt, since my dad didn't allow me to wear nail polish at the time lol. I have the best aunts.). 

Since Walmart started carrying their line, its pretty much routine to swing by their display to see what they have to offer. (Yes... Walmart isn't necessarily my favorite place in the world, but its hard to beat the grocery prices. Especially, when its the SAME EXACT product (only pricier) somewhere else.). 

 I have to admit, one of my biggest make up blunders are dealing with dry skin issues (if you don't have a smooth canvas, its hard to have a flawless make up application.), and over lined eyes. One eye turns out great, and then the next eye is over lined...   (0.0)   If you remove the eyeliner all of the eye makeup needs to be re-done, and if you try to even out the eyes, it looks like you got punched. Hello Racoon Eyes.

When I saw the Oopsy-Proof Liner, it reminded me of those nail polish remover wands! Immediately I was curious to see if these worked.

 I drew a line mocking eye liner with my L'oreal Paris Liquid Liner. Too thick, uneven.

 With one swipe, it did remove the liner, but it left a bit of smudge.

 I continued to clean it up (which looks fairly clean on the end), and wanted to see how it worked in the middle.

It took a few swipes to get a clean(ish) line (a little bit of feathering occurred from the moistness of the wand) at the end. All in all, it did remove the liner, leaving a bit of a shadow around the edges. This would be fine if you only had eyeliner on (you just keep wiping until you remove all of the mistake), but if I have eyeliner on, chances are I have eye cream, primer, shadow etc... so that means I would be smudging a lot more around than just the liner, and/or having to reapply makeup to fix it all =/ I used it on my eyes with a full face on, and it left a tiny bit of a dark cast on the end of my eye. But what's worse? A bit of a shadow, or two unevenly lined eyes?


  • Quick Fix
  • Non-irritating
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Inexpensive
  • Left a shadow
  • Smudges makeup
  • If it gets too wet, it feathers the liner.

 Final thoughts:

Overall it worked fine. I can't think of any improvements (realistically, you can't really remove a liner without removing the makeup underneath.). I would definitely use this to fix the "wing" of the liner and touch up any removed makeup with a sponge. I wouldn't use this to thin the top of my eyeliner if I had eyeshadow on. Its a good fix if you're in a rush!

What are your favorite quick fix products?

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