Ky State Fair 

The month of August has been a little difficult for me. My youngest started Kindergarten (hence the lack of posts), and that was hard on us for a number of reasons. It was a different kind of difficult, at least in comparison to my oldest starting school. 

Entering my oldest into head start (6 yrs ago), was a very difficult decision. Having Autism, he had a huge developmental delay, he barely uttered a word. Sending him to school with no communication was heart wrenching (I'll save our story for a different post, happy outcome though!). This time around, my anxiety didn't stem from my little one's lack of communication (he'll happily speak enough for the both of them :-) ), but my sadness from no longer having him at home. He's such a sweet little soul, the fact that he cried in school because "I missed you mama" tore me to pieces. </3 Aside from the few rough days, he came home with great reports, so I decided to treat them both to a surprise day at the Kentucky State Fair. I *really* appreciate that JCPS allows students an excused absence for the fair.

The rides didn't open up until later on in the day, so upon arrival, we checked out all of the indoor exhibits (they loved the animals and crafts!). After tons of walking and looking through the vendors, we stopped and snacked on Chocolate Covered Strawberry/Bananas Skewers & Popcorn. (I also purchased a cute My Melody iPhone case (I'll update with a picture later.) 

 Most of these pictures were just an excuse to play around with angles, and take colorful pictures.

Lots of great (and interesting..) fried foods lol.

I tried the infamous donut burger! The one pictured on top, was an outdoor stand.  The actual donut I tried was from the indoor expo, it was alright. 

This donut was made from just regular fried donuts, and I've heard the real good ones are made from Krispie Kreme. Had I known these were waiting for me outdoors, I would've waited! Oh well, next year I'll know.

This one, was by far my favorite treat of the day! Fried. Green. Tomatoes!! So crisp and delicious, I need to learn how to make these (or find a local place that I can pig out at!)

This day out will be a memorable one for sure<3 I'm fairly certain the boys enjoyed themselves, I certainly did!

Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, Ky. 40209

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