Roots Underwood: Soil to Community Wellness 

I'm a huge Instagram junkie. I look up store hashtags to find new items to buy, I look up the Louisville hashtag to see what's going on around my town. I find beauty products, memes... Instagram is just a wonderful tool for so many things.

As soon as spring time hit, I searched ramps on instagram (omg I love these things!), and somehow came across a picture from Roots Underwood. I contacted her asap to see if she would sell me any, (I noticed it was a shipment going to restaurants, if I remember correctly) and I promptly met up with her to get my green gold.

When I met Hillary, she explained to me how her and her husband had recently started working as partner growers with Fox Hollow Farm. (Fox Hollow Farm is a *beautiful* farm located in Crestwood.) She's a nutritionist, and explained to me how she valued our food and looked at it as medicine.(!!! its very rare that I find other people that are into holistic healing, super neat.) That passion and love for natural food, and sustainability, is what drove her to start Roots Underwood with her husband Matt. She's written about her personal journey here.

When I visited their place, as partner growers on Fox Hollow Farm; she gave me a tour of everything they were doing.



They proudly showed me their green house, full of little lettuces and various baby produce on their way to be transplanted.


They gave me a tour of their happy, healthy, pastured livestock :-) Exactly how farming should be done.

This weekend they are going to be at the St. Matthew's Farmers Market in St. Matthews, with Fox hollow Farm! I asked her what they would have for sale at the market, and she said they hoped to have fresh greens, asparagus, tomato & pepper tarts, some skin care items, and her artisan ramp salt for sale. (I'm really looking forward to see what skin care items she'll have in the future. I know she knows her stuff, a salve I tried out worked amazing! I'll be posting a review on that soon.)

They will also have information regarding their upcoming pastured pork sales and heritage turkey sign-ups for thanksgiving. It's never too early to start thinking of Turkey day!

For Mother's Day, I've already made plans with my family to go to the St.Matthew's Farmers Market this weekend, and I can't wait to see what Roots Underwood will have. Thank you, Hillary and Matt, for taking the time to show me around! I look forward to seeing everything Roots Underwood has to offer.<3 

8905 Kentucky 329
Crestwood, Ky. 40014

St. Matthew's Farmers Market
 4100 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Ky.

Dates: May 9th Through October 10th
Every Saturday.
Time: 8:00am to 12:00pm

Have you been to the St. Matthew's Farmer's Market?

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