Bourbon Beauty: Rice Sushi and Hibachi Kiosk at Oxmoor Mall


A few weeks ago, while trying to find sold out Tony Moly goodies at Sephora (and still waiting!!), I walked by a kiosk and was in shock. HIBACHI?!?! It was funny because it was in the oddest spot ever, just smack in the middle of mall. So odd, but of course anytime I read sushi it grabs my attention (my favorite food!).


Mall food isn't exactly anything to boast about. I usually grab some Americanized Chinese take-out, like bourbon chicken and their nice attempt at fried rice. I have tried the sushi at Tokyo of Japan over at Mall of St. Matthews, but they never have sushi available, and when they do its not really good. I'd rather just drive next door to Whole Foods to get the quality stuff for the same price. Just my honest opinion. This wasn't really the case here. What grabbed my attention most, was the menu. Fast "sushi" or grocery store sushi really never carries Fish Roe, or a nice variety of sushi, where as this place did.

{Oxmoor Roll & White Tuna Roll}

I decided to purchase one of their "Pick Two" sushi specials. They give you the option to choose one roll from Side A and one from Side B. I chose the Oxmoor Roll & Tuna Roll. The rolls on their own were good. I wouldn't say they are my favorite rolls when I'm comparing them to my favorite sushi places in Louisville, but for mall food it was pretty satisfying. The rice in general wasn't very seasoned, so I think that's probably the one thing I didn't like about it. But the fish was really good, and the Oxmoor Roll toppings were very tasty.
{Yellow Tail Nigiri}

The nigiri was surprisingly good! Sushi rolls in general, are easy (even if its not the best sushi), just because you can mask it with lots of different seasonings. Nigiri on the other hand, is only fish and seasoned rice. If the fish doesn't taste good, it really ruins the whole piece. Their fish tasted fresh, and they gave a very nice amount of raw fish to rice ratio (I hate it when sushi places give you a little chunk of rice with a flimsy thin piece of fish..).

{Terriyaki Shrimp Hibachi}

So this is where things really weren't the best. The hibachi rice unfortunately lacked a lot of seasoning (not what you expect for hibachi rice), and the Terriyaki veggies were undercooked. Sadly, the shrimp were little salad shrimp that had 0 flavor. The sauce was tasty, but the rest of the bits and pieces weren't the best. I actually would prefer to order bourbon chicken and rice from the cheap chinese takeout places available in most food courts. (Maybe the Beef Terriyaki is better?) I guess I can't be so cynical, there aren't many places to grab food since oxmoor mall doesn't have a food court, and this is mall food in general lol.

My final thoughts:
All in all, the sushi is okay and convenient! They do offer carry out, so if you're already in the mall (maybe an employee looking for lunch, or a general shopper), I wouldn't think twice about just ordering  a roll or nigiri for a quick bite, way better than general fast food! *but* if you're looking for a general take out place for sushi, I'd probably just go ahead and stick to some of the carry out places located in and around Louisville, I wouldn't make a special trip here just for it. 

Have you been to Rice yet? What are your favorite sushi places?

Here is their Website.
And here is their Menu & prices.

Rice Sushi and Hibachi Kiosk at Oxmoor Mall.
7900 Shelbyville Rd. 
Louisville, Ky. 40222

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