Firmoo Glasses! 

Firmoo was kind enough to send me some new glasses!

They contacted me last year to do a review on this pair, and I still use them daily. Of course I wanted another! 

I typically only use clear framed ones, but I grabbed some green ones for fun.


I'm awful at taking selfies, but I thought I'd try the duck/kissy face I see all over the place haha. (Nailed it, or nah?)

Check out their site!

Thanks firmoo for my new glasses, I love them<3


I was made aware that there's actually a promo going on for new customers! Get 50% of your first pair :-) Happy Shopping!  Thanks Firmoo for the code<3

Although Firmoo was kind enough to gift me glasses, I promise that my reviews (as usual) are my honest experiences. For more information on my disclosure policy, click here.