Dove Dry Spray Beauty Finish

While purchasing groceries a few weeks ago, I noticed a new display with Dove dry spray. (I had previously seen commercials, which had already peaked my interest.) Typically, heavily scented anti-antiperspirants don't do very well with my body chemistry. The scent either doesn't sit well with me, or they don't last. I prefer either unscented, or antiperspirant for sensitive skin, as my skin gets irritated very easily.

This was my first time trying out a dry spray, but I was impressed! The scent is very floral, and clean. It lasted all day (it says 48 hours, but I wouldn't know since I shower daily lol. But it did last all day no problem!), and didn't leave any residue on my clothing (although I did see the "white" powder residue on my underarms.) Best of all, it didn't irritate, and it the scent was wonderful.

Final thoughts, I prefer this over the powder sticks, & I plan on re-purchasing this when I run out :-)

Have you tried spray anti-antiperspirants before? Which one is your favorite?


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  1. I'm so glad you posted this. For some reason, the store I shop at had these in the weird spot at the store. It wasn't anywhere near the deodorants, so I was confused. Plus, I didn't examine the bottle, all I saw was "dry spray" from far away and thought that was odd. I'll definitely try this out now!