All Natural Raw Pumpkin Puree


I wanted to try some new recipes using pumpkin ('tis the season!), so what better way than to use my Magimix.
Raw Pumpkin Puree Recipe
What you need:
1 Small Pie Pumpkin
1 and 2/3 cups of distilled water

 Dice up the small pie pumpkin (remove the seeds, and cut off the stem). Place the diced up pumpkin pieces into the Magimix, cover, add the water, and pulse it until you get it to a thick paste like consistency. That's it! Super Easy.

I scooped it into 3 mason jars, and placed it into the fridge for later use that week. I used the raw puree in a few recipes I tried out, along with making a DIY all natural face mask. I'll post the face mask recipe next :-)

Have you tried making pumpkin puree before? I don't think I'll ever purchase the canned version again.

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