Bourbon Beauty: Kukui Oil By Sonoma Naturals Review {Tj Maxx Purchase}


 At TjMaxx, I was looking through some new serums in their face care aisle. I read through a few packages of creams, when I came across packages of Kukui Oil, Carrot Oil, and other varieties by Sonoma Naturals (Dermapeutics Inc.). Its no secret that I've had issues with Atopic Dermatitis, so its important that I find products that don't irritate my sensitive skin.

Typically my skin care routine consists of coconut oil and Greek yogurt. Lately, my skin has been acting a little off kilter, so I was willing to try a new product to get rid of my dry spots. I don't remember the article, but I do remember Kukui oil listed as an oil recommended for dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis.

{Here are the instructions}

 {Here is this back of the box. $10 is a steal! Online I saw the prices upwards of $20.}


The oil itself, while a little thick, absorbed into my skin rather quickly. After I shower and wash my face, I apply this and let it dry before applying moisturizer (I just use a sliver cut off of my Aloe Vera plant.).  

After two weeks of use, I saw a major improvement of my dry spots. It does have a faint smell, almost nutty. It wasn't off putting, and definitely wasn't strong enough to stop me from discontinuing the use of this oil. I loved this oil so much, I went out and bought another bottle, so as not to run out.

I bought this at Tj Maxx for $10. If you can't find it at your local TjMaxx, I did see some for sale on Amazon, albeit for more money. {I love Tj Maxx! Its fun to try products out without breaking the bank!}

Here is the website for the company of this product, Dermapeutics. At time of publishing, their online store still wasn't up (their link says store coming soon.)

Have you tried Kukui oil before? Have you heard of this brand? Let me know what you think!

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