My good friend Claudia told me about some products she was selling, she was sweet enough to send me some goodies to share with you<3


 There was a grooming kit, alcohol swab, and some nail wraps included in my box.


Jamberry  has over 3000 designs to choose from. I found some really cute ones in the booklet that I'd be interested in trying<3 They even have mommy & me ones that I thought were really adorable.

 According to the instructions, you prep your nail by wiping it down with an alcohol swab. You then take the nail wrap (closest to your nail size) and blow dry it until its soft. Then place it over your nail, and trim/ file it down until its stuck on.

I think the concept is pretty neat! If you're a mom like me, (during the process one of my sons came up to me and grabbed my hand... no smudges because there is no dry time!) the idea of not having to worry about the polish smearing was great. Another pro is that there are no fumes from the polish (something I worry about since I don't want my kids breathing in fumes, I usually have to wait until my boys are sleeping to put or remove polish.)

I took a look at her site, and these are some that I think would look really pretty<3 I think the more "trendier" or graphic ones could be cute alone, or maybe have one as a statement nail.


I took some screen shots of her site, they also offer some pretty polishes and nail care products!


Thank you Claudia for the kit, and if any of you are interested here is a link to her site. I also included a link in my side bar in case you want to check it out later! They also have opportunities for hosting your own party, or selling Jamberry too! (I might actually look into that haha.)

Have you guys tried Jamberry before? What is your favorite wrap?


  1. I like Jamberry! I have a few friends that sell them and they're always posting the cutest designs.

    Boba + Pearls

    1. Aren't they adorable? I'm excited to try more designs.