Whole Foods Louisville Run!

I went to Whole Foods, and was excited to see they had macaroons in their bakery. They make for awesome pictures, but if I'm completely honest, I prefer chocolate chip cookies or cake. I guess I'm not princessy enough for these babies, oooooorr maybe I just haven't had the good stuff? I like the tiramisu from Whole Foods, but their pastel de tres leches was disappointing. Maybe because I know what the real home made one tastes like? I'm assuming that's the case with the macaroons I've tried. 

Glancing through their seafood, I spotted escargot (snails.)! One of the the things I miss the most about Chicago food, is China Town & their delicious snails in black bean sauce. My dad sometimes recreates the dish (he honestly hits it SPOT on), but the last time I stopped at a local Asian store to buy the snails, they were spoiled :( at $7 dollars a lb, (I bought 5 lbs....) I was not a happy camper when I opened the bag at my parents. Lesson learned, always smell seafood before purchasing. Anyways, I was excited to see these. The fish monger said they were prepared snails imported from France (fancy!). The last time I had snails prepared like this, was when my husband (then boyfriend) took me out to dinner before our homecoming dance. Nice memories.


I purchased these 3 for a dollar. I didn't see the price until I got home, but I'm pretty certain these were marked wrong, because I think they were supposed to be priced at $1 a piece. I could be wrong though.


This is what they looked like before they were cooked. It was basically herbed butter stuffed into the snail. These snails were huge in comparison to the ones I purchase in China Town. The tiny ones from China Town are very dark, & only 1/4 of the size of the French ones.


I pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees, and cooked them for about 10 minutes in tiny muffin tins (upright so the butter didn't slide off.). I stuck a toothpick and twisted it until the meat came sliding out. They were very delicious! I do prefer the Asian snails in Black Bean sauce, but these were very tasty. I would buy these again for a snack (Probably not for a while as they are very buttery, and probably not waist friendly lol. oops.)


I bought some oysters, but ate them before I had a chance to snap a picture (I have no shame admitting I'd rather stuff my face before taking a photo...although I probably should...). These are ones I purchased (from Whole Foods as well.) a few weeks ago. As usual, I took these quickly on my iphone (sorry for grainy pics!), I really need to start putting down my forks, and take real pictures of my food =X I bought these from the fish monger, he recommended these because they were very sweet. I bought the oyster shucker there as well. (I really need to buy a good seafood kit with shuckers and picks etc. to open and eat seafood I make. Anyone have any brands or suggestions where to buy some? Any help is appreciated!)


I shucked the oysters, these are what they look like open. I LOVE raw oysters so much, I could easily eat these daily if I could. Maybe one day when I won the lottery...


I like to season my raw oysters with lime and a little bit of salt. A while ago (maybe on instagram?) I noticed someone seasoned their oysters with miso and sriracha (!!!!!). I had both on hand, and would've loved to try it out, but I was too impatient to wait to prepare it. (Notice a pattern??) Do I have foodie, or fat ass problems? Maybe a bit of both.

I don't mind adding stuff to raw (fresh) oysters, but I can't see personally preparing oysters by cooking them, I just really love how they taste naturally. It's like lobster, I'll eat a bisque at restaurants, but I wouldn't dare eat a lobster (at home) by preparing it any other way than boiling and dipping in butter. Seems like a sad waste to cook it with other ingredients. Lobster and oysters taste perfect (imo!) in a basic state, I don't have the heart to chop them up and cover up their natural flavors. I'm an oddball like that. I have literally yelled at the food network on tv when I see a beautiful fresh piece of salmon being cooked. What a sad waste of a SUSHI opportunity! (I have issues if I take food this seriously...)

Although, I suppose I should mention, my friend Kaylee showed me how to make a lobster roll... and while I did substitute the lobster for colossal shrimp, it was divine. Maybe preparing them into recipes wouldn't be such a bad thing?

Do you like eating oysters or escargot?

Whole Foods
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Louisville, Ky. 40207

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