Pure Salon Spa

I was invited by Pure Salon Spa to come try out some of their services, I'm very happy to be able to share my experience with you.

Pure Salon in located right off of Bardstown Rd. in Fern Creek. I used to live in Glenmary, and I remember seeing it a few times.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted with this friendly sign :-) I felt very welcomed! When I stepped through the door, I was greeted by smiles, offered a beverage, and waited for my first treatment, a 60 minute massage.

(Sorry for the grainy photo! This was quickly taken with my iphone in the dark room.)

Danielle (Their licensed massage therapist) took me into a dark serene room, and sat me down for a foot soak. She placed my feet into a bowl, and filled it up with warm water and salts.

Next, she laid a variety of cards (representing the different scents she could use). Aveda has many options to choose from, and each scent works with your Chakra.



Behind each card, it explains what number Chakra that oil is geared to. She asked me to pick out 3 oils, &  to undress to my comfort level (most people choose nude or in their undergarments) and then she left the room the give me privacy. As soon as I undressed completely, I slipped under the covers on top of the heated bed, (felt awesome!) chest down. When she returned to the room, she then asked me to inhale each time she gently touched my shoulder, and when she did, I got a whiff of each of the 3 oils I had chosen. I ended up requesting her to use the scent for wisdom (Felt I can always use a little more of that :-)), and she began her massage.

I cannot begin to explain how awesome Danielle is at what she did! Not only did she use the right amount of pressure (I asked her to do it as firm as possible (deep tissue), but she was great at explaining everything she was going to do. The whole experience was relaxing, she did a wonderful job! I felt so rejuvenated, and refreshed.

After I was done with my massage, I was led to a little waiting area, and offered a beverage.

I asked for some tea, and I swear I've never tasted anything like this before. I was shocked when I was told that it had licorice in it as a natural sweetener. I *hate* licorice, but I couldn't even tell that it had any. It just tasted like a very sweet tea<3 I was online today seeing how I can buy some (they have it available at www.Aveda.com.).

When it was time to get my haircut, (It was hard to take pictures when it was going on, so I'll just explain briefly.) I sat down at Ashley's station. She gave me a neck massage, and we went over what I wanted done with my hair. She took me to the back of the room, & washed my hair. As my hair was being conditioned, she dimmed the lights, placed a warm eye compress on my face, and gave me a hand massage. It was all very relaxing and soothing<3 She was very friendly, and did a great job at cutting my hair. She gave me exactly what I asked for.

I love how detailed the whole staff was with everything, I left very impressed. Not only did they explain thoroughly everything they were going to do, but they save all of your info, products you choose, etc. so that they can use the same products (if you wish) they next time you visit. They also have this system, where if by chance your regular stylist isn't available for the time slot you need, she will personally give you a few options of other stylists who she believes will cut your hair to perfection. (So many times I've asked other stylists in other locations who else they recommend if they can't see me, and the response is always "everyone is good.". Usually not the case!)

The whole experience was incredible, they made me feel great, and I was so wonderfully relaxed when I left.
I can't rave enough about how sweet everyone was, and how great everything was. They are very accommodating, and make sure you feel comfortable every second you're there. You truly feel like you're getting a full spa treatment.<3 If you're looking for a place to book to get ready for the derby, or maybe a place to go get some relaxation, this is the place to go. They are fabulous. No doubt I will be back again.

Pure Salon Spa
8003 Bardstown Rd. 
Louisville, Ky. 40291

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Pure Salon Spa was kind enough to invite me to try their services out. As usual, I promise to give my honest opinion.

Have you been to Pure Salon Spa before?