Apartment Patio Ideas

With spring weather coming up, I've had a bit of a decorating bug. My itty bitty patio could use a little bit of love, so I scoured Pinterest for ways to make it my own. Unfortunately, I've had a few things stolen off of my patio... So I'll probably keep anything that can be easily carried off indoors.


I *love* how this looks. Its very simple, just a barrel with a glass top laid on top. I'm not a fan of country or rustic looks, but this looks very clean<3 I think the flowers add a nice touch.


This is soooo pretty, and clever! I actually recently purchased 2 folding chairs at the thrift store for $3 a piece. I plan on painting it gold with a cream seat on it.


The flower pots caught my attention. I don't have a metal rail on my patio, but I like the idea of white planters.


I love the idea of using canvas/drop cloths for curtains. It looks nice, and offers a bit of privacy. I think I'm going to ask my mom for help on a project like this... She's much better at sewing than I am.


My apartment only allows electric grills, but I'm having a hard time finding a small one. I wonder if they make terra cotta ones? This one is really cute, although I'm pretty sure this on uses coal. Since I don't have much space on my patio, I really would need a small one.

Last but not least, I love the idea of a bar cart! I don't know how practical it would be on an open patio.. You kind of have to step up to get into my doorway, so it wouldn't make sense to use it to bring stuff outside. Maybe carry it out, and use it to place foods on? I'm a huge fan of gold and copper colors.

Have you gotten the spring cleaning bug yet? I'm very excited for the warmer weather.


  1. I'm so inspired and in love with these ideas! Now...I just gotta attempt to do them..