Skin Authority Skin Cleansing System & Go! Gorgeous Review!

 I have a really neat product to share with you guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I posted a picture of a new cleansing system that I recently received from Skin Authority. I was SO ecstatic! I have seen other skin cleansing systems by other companies, but never really got around to purchasing one of my own. Their PR Rep told me that I was one of the first ones receiving their brand new skin cleansing systems, I was psyched to say the least! I really didn't know what to expect, but once it arrived, I couldn't have been more thrilled.

This is what I saw when I opened the box, I was pretty shocked that it even came with batteries lol. It also came with not only one, but *3* different heads, as well as instructions on how to use it. (You just basically attach the heads, wet the head, and use it in conjunction with their face wash. Very easy to use.)


The three brush heads all have different functions. The Conical Sponge brush head is used for targeted area cleansing. (Around the nose or eye corners.) The Honeycomb brush is meant for exfoliation, and the bristle brush (My favorite!) is used for daily complete cleansing.


 This is hand device you attach the heads to. It has different speed settings, as well as rotation and oscillation motions.

Oddly enough, I thought I would be underwhelmed with this bristle brush. When I felt the bristles dry, it didn't seem firm enough. But I was very mistaken, when I wet it, and washed my face, this brush felt *so* incredibly great on my skin. I loved how clean and soft my skin felt after using it.


The honeycomb brush is very firm, and exfoliated my face really well. It honestly worked so great! (During the winter my skin gets so awfully dry. After using this, I woke up in the mornings & felt such a huge difference and improvement in my skin.)


This Conical Sponge head was good to use around the grooves and contours of my nose, chin, etc. My personal favorites are the bristle brush, and the honeycomb sponge.


This was the Go! Gorgeous kit I received in conjunction with the Skin Cleansing System.

I loved the packaging haha. So sleek and modern.


It came with 4 different bottles:
  • Daily Cleanser (3% Glycolic Acid, pH 4.0)
  • Resurfacing Accelerator
  • Try-Power Peptide Hydrator
  • Sunscreen Moisturizer (SPF 30)


What's amazing about this company, is that they have their own phone line specifically for SKIN COACHING! Who does that?! Amazing! You just call, talk to them about any questions or concerns about using their line, and they're there to help you. I thought that was so neat, I had never heard of that.


 These were the instructions I received with the bottles. I followed the instructions, & I never experienced any sort of skin irritation (which is so odd, especially since my skin is so incredibly sensitive.) I only had slight redness after scrubbing my face, but that's very normal anytime I wash my face.


I tried to take a picture of the actual liquids to give you an idea of what they were like. I used the Daily Cleanser every morning and night, the sunscreen in the morning, and the Try-power and resurfacing accelerator in the evening before bed.  Every single one of them felt like the melted into my skin. I felt no residue or stickiness, I've never felt my skin so soft. I've used a ridiculous amount of different face cleansers and masks, and the results have never been anything like this.


I used this system for 3 weeks, and my skin is GLOWING! It feels really soft to the touch, and I've seen a huge difference in my complexion. I don't know if its because of the cleansing system itself that's polishing my skin, or if its the creams, but both of them have smoothed out my skin so much. I really didn't know what to expect with this, but I can't speak more highly of this stuff. I already know what I'm grabbing my mom for her birthday.


These are completely untouched photos. I didn't photo shop them, except to crop it. Even with make up on, you could see how dry my skin was underneath, and no amount of moisturizer would smooth it out. I'm really impressed with these products, I can't wait to try out some more of their stuff. Thank you so much Skin Authority! My skin was so dry before hand, I'm so happy with my results.

I do have good news too. If you guys are interested, they have a promotion going on :-)

From now through February 7, if Skin Authority doubles their Facebook likes, they'll be giving away $300 to our online store! Here's the link to their contest. :D

Here's Their Website.
Here's the link for their Skin Cleansing System.
Here's the link for the GO! Gorgeous set.

 Have you used Skin Authority before?


  1. No, I've never used this system and I'm seriously considering this as my next skin investment. I've never seen sponge spin brush before. Your skin looks amazing, I'm jealous. :)

    1. Thank you! I hadn't either, it didn't even occur to me that they had different types of attachments. If you have Facebook, you can "like" them and maybe get a chance at scoring some stuff :-)

  2. I've used their skin products and definitely like them, but didn't know they had the brush! Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I love that they have interchangeable heads. Looks like a great product and your skin is gorgeous, btw!
    xo ~chloe & kim

  3. Wow, I was just thinking about finally jumping on microdermabrasion brushes bandwagon... But I had no idea there's a comprehensive product like that with 3 (!) different brushes - thank you so much for the review!!!

  4. Does anyone know where I can buy brush head replacements without paying $20 for them on the skin authority website? I see no point in paying $20 for a replacement brush head when the skin authority system is only $50. That's 40% of the entire cleansing system price! Any ideas anyone?