A Sparkling Thanksgiving

White Thanksgiving Ideas

Is anyone as excited I as I am for the holidays? I love decorating for them, but I like to put my own spin on it. This season I'm really feeling the whites and golds. It looks festive, yet modern in my opinion!

  1. I love the idea of decorating a mantel. I personally do not have a fire place in my home, but why not dress up a tall console table? Or maybe a high shelf decorated with white pumpkins?
  2. This is something I've already started working on. At kroger's I found cute little white pumpkins, I plan on spray painting them gold and using them as name cards for our table setting.
  3. Here's another idea, maybe spray painting the tops of white pumpkins gold?
  4. I've always enjoyed how Martha Stewart decorates her tables. I love the idea of using large pumpkins, although I personally would use less of a country style decor for my table. I tend to decorate a bit more modern.
So what are your plans for Thanksgiving? I still have tons to do!


  1. Our tastes are so similar, it's crazy. My only issue is actually doing the projects. Jesus, give me strength! I can't wait to hear about your Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

    I think we're going to my Aunt's home for Thanksgiving, but I'm hosting a Friendsgiving (wish you could join with your family!!) this coming weekend. Guess what I have done? Nada... EL O EL

    1. That's funny! I had never heard of "Friendsgiving", sounds like fun though! Its funny how much we have in common :-) I always have so much I want to plan, but the motivation to get it done?? That's another story!