NYX *finally* Available in local Louisville Target store!

I know I can't be the only one excited that Target is carrying NYX! Aaaaah!!


I've always heard of NYX, but since I rarely go into sephora (I usually shop online) I've never purchased it. When I heard that Target was carrying their line, I headed out to asap! I went to the Target at the Springhurst location (that one has a Starbucks AND a Tjmaxx next door, winning...),  but when I asked for the product, they said they still didn't carry it. They were kind enough to look, and found that Stonybrook was the only Target around here carrying NYX. (Heads up, they said it may be a test store, so if you're interested in finding more selection and availability, make it a point to tell your friends and check out a few of the pieces!)


These were the products I found, I can't wait to do a few reviews on them for you guys.




So help me out! What are your favorite NYX products? I'm really loving their lipsticks so far!<3

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