Follow Along!

Follow Along!

I find that I tend to finish projects and exercise programs when I work with a friend. So I figured, why not invite some of you to follow along? I always find neat pinterest crafts etc, that look like fun to do "one day", but I'd love to actually make time for them! I'll be starting this September! On my sidebar I'll have listed;

Reads of the month
I'll be selecting a magazine or book each month. I'll either be writing about some of my favorites articles, DIYs, or brag about a good read.

Craft of the week
I'll be posting a DIY/or thrift item I re-purposed or cleaned up. I'd love to see how your project came along, or what thrift finds you found. (I've recently gotten into collecting pyrex, re-purposing mirrors and jars)

Workout of the month (Follow Along!)
I'm not good at diets, but I think I'd be better at workouts! At the beginning of the month I'll post a workout challenge. I'd love to hear about your results!

What projects do you have planned for fall?

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