Natural Chocolate Bronzer DIY

I absolutely LOVE tanning. Unfortunately, since I suffer from Atopic dermatitis, I have to find natural alternatives for products that contain alcohol and other skin irritants. I had a hard time looking for all natural tanners, (If you know of good one not containing DHA, PLEASE let me know!) but I did come across a neat diy while watching tv. (I don't remember what talk show it was =/)

Here's what I did:

Natural Chocolate Bronzer
Natural Powdered Cocoa about 1 cup
1 cup of Natural Coconut oil

Grab a sealed (just closed tightly) jar of coconut oil, and submerge it in warm water to liquify it. Once liquified, pour a cup into a mixing bowl, add the cocoa powder, and mix it well. Once mixed, pour the contents into a clean seal-able container. Set in the refrigerator, and allow time to harden.

How I used it:
After I showered,exfoliated, and shaved, (brush teeth etc. anything to do with water, do before!!) I smeared a bit from head to toe. I then wiped my hands and bottoms of my feet clean (careful to use dark or dispoable towels), and stood nude until the oil dried. (pinterest, twitter, facebook, read.....) Once dried, I took a dark, old towel (one that I didn't mind staining), and blotted my skin to catch any residue.

This totally worked, but its only a bronzer, and very temporary. I'd use it as any bronzer (Don't get in water, don't wash dishes, careful not to rub etc.)

I used this to accentuate a tan I already had from being outside. If you rub a bit off accidentally from your arm, its not really noticeable that way ;-)


First, like all bronzers, EXFOLIATE! I can't stress this enough. Dry rough skin will only cause the chocolate powder to cake, and look horrible.

Next, this will stain. I used it with dark clothes, (Black slouchy tank, black lingerie etc. because it does stain.)

I personally think this is best for arms and decollete. (Legs might rub off when sitting, and I think a powdered bronzer works better since I put foundation on my face anyways.)

This is just really to accentuate a tan. I wouldn't use it to go exercise, activities where you sweat, or swimming. I used it on a rainy day lol, and it didn't really streak, although I had a few spots that lightenend, I just rubbed my arms together and it was fine.

Are you planning on trying this? What's your favorite bronzer?

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