Bourbon Beauty: Whole Foods Louisville, Ky

Every time I step into Whole Foods, it's like clouds part, and the heavens glow from above... or something close to that anyways.

Whole foods, is like this amazing mecca of gourmet food. I seriously couldn't leave this store without purchasing at LEAST one product. Everything from fresh mozzarella cheese, to "to die for" shrimp tempura rolls. And I really mean to die for.

On my last visit, I grabbed some sushi (thanks hubs), and 2 slices of cheese.

Parrano cheese is this AMAZINGLY nutty, and rich tasting cheese. I really love pairing it with green grapes and a good glass of wine. Bacchus Blush from Equus Vineyards (in Lexington, Ky) to be exact ;-)


I tried to find some Kasseri Cheese to make my Greek Saganaki, but unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock. The nice man behind the counter recommended I use Mitica Cordobes (Not Pictured), another sheeps milk cheese, in replacement of the Kasseri =/ We'll see how it works out, but I'm really hoping they have it in stock soon. He asked me if I wanted to special order it for a cheese party, and was kind of shocked when I said I just wanted to make saganaki at home haha. If only people realized how much of a true foodie I am lol. My meal planning at home, would make people think we ordered Ethnic Carry out every night =X

When we move to our new place, I really hope we can start having get togethers, and cheese tasting parties. I really want to start making a point of meeting new people around the area, and start going to more functions once hubs has more time off from work. There has to be more food lovers around here! I need some more partners in crime to scour through the Ethnic markets on the weekends. Either that, or come over and cook with me ;-)

Whole Foods
4944 Shelbyvillle Rd. Louisville, Ky. 40207

What are your favorite goodies from Whole Foods?

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