Sally Hansen Vita A Lip Smoother Review Peach.


On a random trip to the store, I couldn't help but notice this shiny *new* lip balm staring at me from its package. As usual, the pink balm suckered me in haha. I'm such a wimp for cute bottles!!

I saw a few different scents, but the peach flavor caught my attention. 


Package Description:

What It Is:
  • This vitamin powered lip treatment is customized to fit your lips' specific need for lip-smoothing care.
How It Works:
  • Contains a nutrient complex with Vitamin A known to fight signs of aging as peptides help reduce the look of lines. Superfruits Acai & Pomegranate help retain moisture as they beautify. Rejuvenating peach flavor.
The Results:
  • Lips that look younger, instantly.




Out of the box, its a really cute transparent little tube! It looks like a pale pink, but it goes on clear.



As much as I love the color of it, the scent and flavor were a little odd. I could only smell the peach a bit, and the flavor was more waxy. I prefer strong fruity scented balms. The consistency was very slick, but not thick at all. It was more of a thin film.

  • Cute Packaging
  • Pretty Color
  • Compact
  • Lightly Scented (for those who prefer light scents.)

  • I didn't care for the taste.
  • I prefer heavier balms. (Although I know many people who like light ones!)

What are your favorite lip balms?

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