Abuelitas Avocados: The Recipe I Treasure

It's no surprise how much I absolutely LOVE avocados. They were a huge staple in my home growing up, and they will continue to be. As a child, I can remember my Abuelita using avocados in almost everything! Her cooking continues to influence how I cook for my family today.

My grandparents were known for bringing all kinds of different foods home. They were HUGE foodies, and I suppose it kind of rubbed off on me =) I could create books full of the different foods they brought to us, but the one that sticks out to me most, is an avocado lox bagel. My grandma always recounts a cute story about my brother treating her for bagels with his first work paycheck, but somehow they ended up grabbing hot dogs. Its been an ongoing joke about how we all love different foods, but his favorite dish remains to be hotdogs. I can't look at an avocado and lox bagel without thinking of my Abuelita & bother haha. We've since recreated the avocado and lox bagel in our home, and hopefully its a recipe you'll enjoy as well!

Avocado & Lox Bagel

  • Bagel
  • Cream Cheese
  • Capers
  • Smoked Salmon Lox

Toast the bagel. Spread some cream cheese, add the thin slices of lox & avocados. Garnish with capers. Squirt with a bit of lime, and voila! 

What are your favorite Avocado Recipes?


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