Summer Fruit!

One of the things I miss most from Chicago is street food. Taco carts, Aguas Frescas, Paletas, Gyro stands, Italian Ices, Italian Sausages, Porkchop sandwiches... the list goes on! In Mexico, you would be hard pressed *not* to find a cart selling some kind of snack, or nic nac.  My fondest memories from my travels includes walking around with my cousins, looking through folk art I don't need, with a huge cup of fruit or corn sprinkled with lime and chile powder. Ah, those were the days...

Last week, I made a point of buying a lot of fresh fruit. I've been trying to lose some weight, plus there's nothing more refreshing than cold fruit on a hot summer day! I found some cantaloupe, and prepared it in a few different ways. Enjoy! =)

Melon En Vaso Con Chamoy (Melon in a cup with chamoy)

Diced Chilled Cantaloupe
Lucas Liquid Gusano
Lucas Powdered Chamoy

Add the diced cold melon to a cup then add the seasons.

Melon En Vaso Con Chile y Limon (Melon in a cup with chile powder & lime)

Diced Chilled Cantaloupe
Chile Powder
Fresh Lime

Add the diced cold melon to a cup then add the seasons.

Melon Wrapped Prosciutto

Chilled Sliced Cantaloupe
Prosciutto or Parma Ham

Slice cantaloupe, wrap in either parma ham or prosciutto. Devour!

What are your favorite summer treats?


  1. looks delicious! my summer treats would probably be jello, i love eating jello with some chopped up fruit pieces.

  2. Kerker: Thanks! I agree, Jello is really refreshing =) My favorite flavor is strawberry<3