Sunday Funday

 Seeing as I finally got my binder system in order, I really don't have an excuse to not coupon. Right now we are on a bit of a budget, so any penny I save would be well worth it. I'm still sticking to my guns on not buying anything we don't already use, unless its something I absolutely wanted to try. Unfortunately, the majority of our groceries consist of veggies & meats, so there aren't much savings there =/ but...

I do try to get the most out of the foods we do purchase. I always hate when I see food go bad :( Sadly that used to be a frequent occurrence until I started freezing foods!

 I try my best to maximize foods by cutting them up, and freezing vegetables & fruits that I know won't get used right away. For example, see bananas starting to go brown? Freezing browning bananas are a great way to make sure they don't go to waste! I cut them up, freeze them into zip loc baggies, and use them in banana milk shakes. Got Veggies that you can't use right away? I just dice them up, freeze them in baggies, and they work wonderfully in soups, stews, & even in my rice cooker.

Another way I try to cut costs is by buying chicken in bulk. When I get home, I unpack my groceries, stick the chicken in a huge stock pot w/ spices, and cook. Once its cooked, I stick each breast in a baggie, and freeze. During the week if I'm too busy to cook, I cook some rice, heat up the chicken in the microwave, and have quick meal. Sometimes if I have lettuce on hand, I just shred some chicken, and have a sandwich or salad! The possibilities are endless when it come to freezing foods you prepare. No preservatives, & its a quick cheap *healthy* meal.

Aside from the small savings in meats,  I know there are plenty of household supplies, beauty supplies, & fancy drinks/snacks that I love that I could most definitely be saving on. My favorite places to shop are def. the most expensive. Whole Foods is up there on my list, but I found an awesome link on their site to whole foods coupons! You just click on which ones you want, and there's an easy peasy printing option.

Whole Foods:
Whole Foods Coupons
Whole Foods Coupon Policy
Krazy Coupon Lady Whole Foods
Whole Foods Local Promotions
Retail Me Not Whole Foods

I'm going to find some blogs to follow, look for coupons, and maybe tag along with their shopping to see if I can indeed get things for free that I can really use.

I decided to make a page that posts all of the places I find the best deals, coupons etc. Even birthday freebies I find =)

You can always find the link "Deals" on the left column of my home page. Have fun!

What do you do to save money in your home?

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