Picadillo Recipe

The change in weather, typically means change in food at home. Instead of cool meals, I turn up the heat with hot pots, guisados (Mexican Stews), Sopas (Mexican Soups), Chilies, and so forth. While tot was at school, I decided to make picadillo. I hate arriving to pick him from school smelling like garlic =x but at least he'll have a hot lunch waiting for him!

What you'll need!

•1/4 sliced vadalia onion
•2 cloves minced garlic
•1 jalapeño pepper
•1 lb lean ground beef
•Olive oil for sautéing
•1 tsp. Ground cumin
•1 tsp. Ground Clove
•Garlic Salt to taste
•1 can tomato sauce
•1 can Super sweet white & yellow canned corn.
•3 finely diced red potatoes (optional)
•1 finely diced carrot (optional)
•Tostadas, Iceberg lettuce leaves, or rice.

Optional toppings:
•Sour cream
•Queso Fresco
•Shredded Cheese
•Avocado slices
•Chopped tomatoes

Optional side dishes:
•refried beans
•Mexican Rice
•White rice


Heat up a few tbs of olive oil, & sweat out the onions. Add garlic, & cook until fragrant. Add ground beef, & season w/ a bit of garlic salt, cumin, & clove.

Brown until thoroughly cooked, then add tomato sauce with either a cup of stock/broth, or water. Add a whole jalapeño for flavor (or cut it for heat, in my home we don't like spicy foods :P)

Bring to a low boil, and add corn (and potatoes, carrots if you choose.). Leave on simmer until the sauce thickens.

Serve either on rice, tostadas, or on lettuce leaves for low calorie "wraps". Add condiments & enjoy!

♥Land Of La La♥